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  Honing gives a sharp edge to a sword,great men all have painstaking.In 1998, a young man unexpectedly knew the traditional chinese furniture producing technology and even the  mater in china mahogany furniture field when he started a business. From then, he was fascinated by the curving and traditional culture. So he invested a portion of his money in this industry for start up. After several decades running, he accumulated  rich experience, knew more genius, and of course, he become wealthy.As the life standard are improving, high-end customers demands  are increasing, the purchasing choice are changing from original one to products set, one-stop shopping ,and custom decisions. The factory has made a great change in designing due to the number of young customers are  raising. As a corporate decision maker, the leader of the group must have the awareness of danger. What he has been thinking are how to mix the old elements with commodity,how to make customers satisfied with the ordered products, how to obtain absolute competitive of brand .this is the founder of Hinaler-liu zhenhui.

  海纳利尔开创独有的生态家居系统(Hinaler create a unique ecological system Home Furnishing)

  In 2007, An accidental opportunity, let him find a new market opportunity, He found “a wise man love mountain, noble love the water”. At the same time when most of the high-end customer group of annatto culture love water culture also have different interests and hobbies. While China's aquatic culture development can not get the attention of people, is still in the market the most low-end, especially does not match with furniture and household environment. So began the in-depth market research and creative research and development. He finally found a kind of brand-new marketing pattern, it integrates Chinese traditional feng shui culture at the same time, break through the traditional production process of the design concept. Effective Oriental classical culture and the integration of modern home environment, and in 2007 set up langfang susquehanna, aquatic technology co., LTD., the company registered capital of 15 million yuan, is located in the bohai sea economic engine gold hinterland - langfang economic and technological development zone. Pioneered the susquehanna, unique to their environment lives in a system. View of precision leading markets, the unique design thinking, independent research and development, has built the furniture, aquatic animals and household act the role ofing is tasted three product series, A variety of different styles to meet different high-end customer demand of furniture of form a complete set of aquarium products and furniture products, to fill the gaps in the domestic market, through years of marketing system building and branding, in Beijing, Shanghai, hebei, Inner Mongolia and other places have fully received the affirmation of customers and markets, and summarizes a set of complete integrated furniture, aquatic animals, household act the role ofing is tasted the profit pattern. After years Hainer, hard work, Mr Hainer, has become the no matter from development to production, from business model to service system are well-deserved industry! At the same time also for household products industry and verify that the new management mode!


  为海纳利尔的国际化发展道路翻开了新的篇章(Opened a new chapter for the international development of the hinaler)

  In order to further make good taste more convenient, top household products into homes, let more people can enjoy the beautiful, natural household environment at an early date, 2013 Mr. Liu Zhenhui is gigantic endowment established Beijing again Mr Herbert hainer, science and technology development co., LTD. For  Hainer, internationalization development road opened a new chapter on page.


  At present, the company covers an area of more than 12000 square meters, has complete equipments of modern production workshop, fully digital management system, strictly enforce the ISO9001 international quality management system. With the international advanced glass cutting equipment and edge grinding equipment, and successfully introduce Japan, Germany and other advanced aquarium molding production lines, super luxury aquarium tank, base a large number of advanced production equipment and so on the production line. Custom has domestic advanced furniture production line, the company has a group of professional talent echelon, such as traditional annatto master more than 60 people, professional high-end household design personnel more than 20 people, research and development personnel more than 40 people. Senior management personnel 15 people. Company is a proprietary, join in business, provincial, municipal general agent and so on the many kinds of management pattern, in the form of stores, home experience of market operation, from a single product development become a set of furniture, handicrafts and all-round comprehensive and aquarium accessories suppliers.

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