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  ● Large market capacity
   100 billion market, the next 3-5 years the aquarium industry will enter the 100 billion market.

  Aquarium industry in China started late, but in recent years, there's rapid development and rapid growth every year.Family aquarium equipped rate has reached 10%, is likely to catch up with developed countries.

  ● Major consumer groups continue to expand

   At present, the main consumer groups of aquatic products in China are middle and high end people, they have a certain economic strength, higher demand for home life.With the continuous development of China's economy, the high-end population continues to expand, according to statistics, in Shanghai, there is a billionaire for every 3000 people, millionaires and millionaires are more.China's expanding middle and high-end consumer groups, has become the rapid development of the aquarium industry boosters, showing China's aquarium market consumption potential!

  ● Competition in the low-end market, high-end market blank

   The main brand stage aquarium market is concentrated in the low-end market, the main sales channel are in the bird market, for  we  are similar both in appearance and in function, so in the low-end market competition is extremely intense, the brand can only lead to price war, profit is very low.At the same time, the cottage brand also caused a great impact on the low-end market with poor product quality, customer dissatisfaction, competition disorder.

  On the contrary, due to the high demand of product design and development, high-end aquarium market has rarely been entered at the same time, some high-end people and successful entrepreneurs 'requirement are higher, but the products on the market are not up to the requirements of their own. Visible high-end aquarium market is not yet developed, but the great potential of blue ocean.

  ● Product homogeneity serious, backward design concept

  Aquarium products on the market is roughly the same, its design concept is still stuck in the 5 years ago, as a result the market to the aquatic product homogeneity is very serious, the appearance of the product can not meet consumer demand.

  ● Production enterprise strength is not strong, there is no monopoly brand

  At the present stage China aquarium industry has more than 1000 enterprises, but the enterprise strength is not strong, mostly of them are copycat enterprises and artisanal enterprises, have not formed the monopoly advantage and brand advantage, Consumers to buy aquatic products is mainly concerned about the appearance of factors, the market has not yet formed an absolute brand orientation.

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