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  Five strong support to help join partners to make money quickly

   1.Strong brand strategy and branding support   
    ■ Hinaler Montreal will full three-dimensional continuous brand operation, is committed to the development of Montreal hinaler become synonymous with high-end aquarium, a symbol of wealth, status, identity.

    ■ Each partner can enjoy hinaler complete and meticulous CIS image recognition system support.

    ■ Hinaler will actively launch advertising and marketing activities all over  the country at all levels of the market, Hinaler's  awareness and constantly will be improved, every partner will enjoy good brand effect brought by the operation.

   2.Comprehensive training support  
    Partners will get the system training of product knowledge, Hinaler store business management, sales techniques, breeding technology, landscaping plants and other support.

    Join partners can get Hinaler's business guidance and counseling service at any time.

    Join partners can get the training of market development, customer development at any time.

   3.Effective and proactive management support  
    Hinaler provides each partner 'guide words‘, 'mannagement handbook'and a series of professional shop management system and method.

    Hinaler has a professional marketing team to provide support and service for each partner at any time.

   4.Thoughtful and meticulous service support  
    Hinaler have a national professional aquarium service team to help join partners in customer service and diplex sales.

    Hinaler has a domestic first-class landscape plants team to create the style of landscape plants popular in the market!Hinaler will give all the landscaping technology to each partner carefully to let they make more money.

   5.Material and fitting support   
    Hinaler will offer the partners ;The door store design drawings, drawings, brochures, posters, price tag POP, work clothes and licensing, corporate image film, shop signs etc.

    According to the size of the partners'shop,Hinaler will Provide some decoratin support.

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