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Hinaler Australian Visit 1

Time:【2017-7-14 10:11:23】
Hinaler  Australian Visit  1

From July 2 to July 8, 2017, Mr. Liu Zhenhui, the chairman, and Ms. Shen Ling, managing director of Hinaler, are invited to Melbourne, Australia, and they are about to have a 7-day visit, include meetings with the independent directors of Australia, discussion of cooperation with the Australian Furniture Association (AFA), and important meetings prior to the listing like final confirmation with securities traders about submission of pre application for listing.



       ??1.jpgAn important stop in the trip, is the meeting with the newly hired independent director David O DAVIES of Hinaler. During the meeting, the directors of the company discussed the positioning of the product, the development of the Australian market and the financing requirements of the company, and formulated a series of follow-up promotion programs. David graduated from Melbourne University with a major in financial management, and he previously served as director of Accounting & Finance Association of Australia, had more than 20-year experience in financial management, and he has served as group finance director of several listed companies, like: Caltex Australia Group, Lion Nathan Group, and CSR Limited Group. We believe that David O DAVIES will promote the Hinaler.s listing process in Australia.

??1.jpgThe third stop of the trip is the headquarter of Australian Furniture Association. The Australian Furniture Association is the only government level association of furniture and furniture fairs in Australia, and it is the iconic Furniture Association of Australia. In April 2017, approved by the Australian Furniture Association, Hinaler becomes a member unit of Australian Furniture Association, which is recognition of Hinalers products and optimism about the company's market prospects. In May 2017, President of the Australian Furniture Association TORELLI PATRIZIA was invited to China to visit factories and stores of Hinaler, and the two sides reached a deep consensus in development of overseas market.??1.jpg

 During this visit, the Australian Furniture Association has recommended appointments with the aquarium import and export dealers, Mattress Factories, independent home designers, Australian furniture manufacturers, timber exporters and other companies involved in the entire supply chain of the furniture decoration industry, which introduce Hinalers product characteristics, and market demand in detail, deeply get to know each other's business scope, marketing scope, marketing approach and so on, actively select suitable partners, build a competitive and sustainable business model, further explore Australia and the international markets. ??1.jpg

Mr. Shen and Mr. Lius visit to Australia is still ongoing, and subsequent meetings have been held with securities investors, social elites and groups. Look forward to pragmatic collaboration between Hinaler and all walks of life in the social and commercial fields.

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