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Hinaler Australian Visit 2

Time:【2017-7-14 10:31:38】
Hinaler  Australian Visit  2


Recently, Hinaler’s Chairman Liu Zhenhui and Managing Director Shen Ling have been invited to pay a visit to Melbourne, Australia to make final preparation for being listed on Australian Stock Exchange.

On July 6, Chairman Liu and Director Shen met Michael Beer, an Australian brokerage who was responsible for the underwriting of Australia-listed securities of Hinaler, and Phillip Grundy, an Australian lawyer team who served for the entire listing. And they all went to Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) to meet and talk with relevant personnel and made detailed reports on and cooperation in the current progress of the listing. Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) highly appreciates and is optimistic about Hinaler Groups strength especially speaking highly of its important sections such as product positioning and market development and it believes that Hinaler Group will make a contribution to promoting Australia’s economic development. Through further exchange, both parties were even more confident that Hinaler will be listed on ASX and proposed to complete the listing process as soon as possible, looking forward to the bells struck by Hinaler on ASX!


Following people’s pursuit of a better life, love of nature, and needs of good living environment for seven years, Hinaler Company has become a new leading enterprise in China’s new home furnishing industry. It is a comprehensively creative enterprise integrating design, R&D, production and sales of high-end aquarium products and renewable wooden furniture products. By virtue of its position in the home furnishing market, as well as its unique products, affordable price, brand-new distribution system, Hinaler began to launch IPO process on Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in 2016, and has now reached the home stretch. After the successful listing, it will achieve the resource integration from a single chain of aquarium, solid wood, mahogany furniture to European and American software furniture and green, ecological and intelligent home finishing, opening a new international arena.


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