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Hinaler is cooperating with Comfort Sleep Mattress from Australia

Time:【2017-7-14 11:28:01】
Hinaler is cooperating with Comfort Sleep Mattress from Australia


Hinalers Chairman Liu Zhenhui and Managing Director Shen Ling were invited to Melbourne, Australia for a visit in Headquarter of Australian Furniture Association (AFA) on July 4, 2017 and were warmly welcomed and kindly treated by leaders of the association. During the visit, they had in-depth and cordial talks with the founder of Comfort Sleep, a well-known home furnishing brand in Australia. Hinaler is optimistic about Comfort Sleeps development in China and Asia. The two parties reached a deep cooperation intention initially that afternoon and will sign a development plan soon.



Time-honored Comfort Sleep Mattress from Australia


As a national treasure class iconic brand in Australia, Comfort Sleep has developed for more than 30 years. Mattress is a technique while sleep is an art. If a mattress could breathe, the best place for breath is Australia where there is the most beautiful environment, the cleanest air, blue sky, white clouds, ecological forests and merino wool that people are most proud of; just like tasting a glass of milk, only the one that originates from the nature is the healthiest and has the best flavor. Every Comfort Sleep mattress is hand-crafted stitch by stitch and assembled in Australia. Founded in 1981 by a couple, Comfort Sleep has developed into one of Australia’s most innovative and versatile bedding suppliers, taking the lead in local markets.

Comfort Sleep mattress has won the “Best Australian Mattress” award granted by AFA for 3 consecutive years and has cooperated with Crowne Plaza Hotel and many other five-star luxury hotel groups.

Hinaler Cooperating with Comfort Sleep Mattress from Australia



After such in-depth negotiation, Hinaler will fully develop business with Comfort Sleep Mattress in multiple segments in China and Asia and establish long-term and friendly cooperative relations. By virtue of its shares and popularity in Chinas home furnishing markets, Hinaler will cooperate with and assist Comfort Sleep to enter Chinese market, gradually increase product popularity, improve distribution channels, expand distribution scope, form network coverage and expand to other Asian markets by sufficient price advantages and superior supply of goods.

??1.jpgComfort Sleep Mattress from Australia has been always focusing on sleep art and delivering a healthy and comfortable concept of sleep to people, which coincides with Hinaler’s idea to be the top brand in ecological home furnishing industry. Hinaler has been always focusing on creating ecological, intelligent and environmentally friendly home furnishing and making its mission to enable more people to bring nature to home. During this cooperation, Hinaler will make joint efforts with Comfort Sleep to bring original Australian pure wool mattress to China and to the world!

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